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dirty girl

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Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 02:02 am
hey its my birthdaty and im drunk . ohoriaay for me ,. i got the hnicoops. i went to like 5 vbars qwith eve and jkelli. and one guy tocuhed my butt and one guy bought me a shot called a redheaded slut and it taseted like cough syrpu and then it tuasted like good. and then thezse two guys thought we were drunk before i was and gave me an air freshener for my bnirthday./
and tehn we ewent ot the zebra club abnd this one guy was way druker than me and lept touching ecve and kelli told him not to and then thios black girl asked me for a dollar and i gave her one cuz it was my birthday and she asked how old i was and then she screamed when she found out i was 21, and she got on a table and told everyone in the club that i was 21, and then everyone sang happy birthday, dndf thebn they wanted to see my boobsd. it was cool, and then i came home. im gonna do ti nect week.

happy birthday t me
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: fasbn

Holy Shit, D00d Jun. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:14 am

I would purposely get pulled over. And then I'd sit in the cop's car and like he'd totally get some cuz that car is so fucking hot. and way more awesome decked out in Cop shit.

i want one. ive been really wanting one for a while now. now i really really want one.
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: hahaha, im working

Jun. 22nd, 2005 @ 11:33 pm
Saw Howl's Moving Castle with Eve tonight. Totally cute. And HOT Christian Bale was in it. God, two Christian Bale movies in one week. Awesome.


WAAAAAAAH< Now someone will have to save you losers from all ze munny. Now I can like...pay people to run up to them and cockslap them in the face with my money. but first Im gonna make penises out of money and hotdogs and then buy some Tahitian slaves and then have them surgically enhanced with hot dog/money penises and theyll also have superhuman strength and ill pay some scientists to invent adamantium and theyll have skeletons made of it and hot dog penises and then And Eric and I can once again rule the world. Im gonna like...stick money up my ass and puke gold. Its gonna rule. Ill take pictures.
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: 96.9

Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 11:37 pm
You know what rocks my asshole more than Batman?

Totally saw 5 of these badass cars at the Nitro Nite of Fire tonight with Eric. It blew my fucking ears away. And ye it was good. and just as soon as the angels had brought these machines down from the heavens, away they went in a fiery rage, to be loved by all and soon were whisked away back unto the high heavens where Jeesy and the G-Man totally rocked out with their awesome creations.
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant

Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 01:44 am
Batman rocked my asshole.
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Other entries
» An Excellent Age to be a Geek
Saw Star Wars again. Third time this week.

I was gettin' all mad 'cuz I put so much time in Knights of the Old Republic, for it to crap out on me. I hate Eve's XBOX. I'm gonna get my own. Then I can play Halo all day every day. As well as my beloved SW:KOTOR.

I got paid for yesterday. That's so awesome.
» EP3x2
Went and saw it again tonight with Eve and my family. Just as fucking rocking as ever. Only this time I think I was the only one who laughed when his legs got cut off. Though, the whole damn thing was still sad. and totally awesome. And fucking shit if we didn't want to kidnap Obi Wan and have our way with him. And maybe we'd take Anakin, too. shit.

If I were going to die, that's the way I want to leave this Earthly realm.
Ok, Eric, write this down, for this is how we're going to die:

1)First we need some killing stuff like swords and guns. Nothing fancy. Ok, scratch that. Our initial weapons will be ridiculously complex and awesome.
2)Kickass clothing which include disgustingly AWESOME boots. Boots are a must. This cannot be argued.
3)Find scary, loud place to fight. Must be messy, and dangerous. With lots of shit to use as weapons, and even more shit to break.
4)Our final melee battle must be preceded with a car chase and lots of swearing. 'Cuz none of those pansies in SW had any good insults.
5)Fight to death. or dismemberment and/or utter humiliation.

Sounds good, huh?

So I was thinking we get some battleaxes and dress up like the vampires in the Lost Boys and let the insults fly. We'll begin on the internet as we usually do, setting up a time. You get your battle axe off of EBay as I will, and after the three weeks it takes to get the bitch to send it to us, we put our clothes on and drive to each other's house to duel. Of course, we miss each other and the other's mom says we went to the other's house. So we drive back and miss each other again. Then we get pissed. I sit down and play games and wait for you to get home from work and call me at home.

I'll be like,"What the shit? I tried coming over to kill you but your mom said you had come over to kill me, and then you weren't here? Where'd you go? I got my axe."

And then we decide to take the Batmobile to Barstow, 'cuz that's the scariest plac we can think of to kill each other. But then we decide that we need some cameras to document such an epic battle. So we call Eve up and she says we're gay, and Ben says we're fucking stupid assholes, and so we take my sister instead. Then off we go to Barstow. So 8 or so hours pass and we make it. Then we remember Barstow is really shitty and I yell at you for making a stupid decision and agree with both Ben and Eve that it was a stupid idea. You get out of the car. Apparently we've parked in front of a warehouse in the middle of the desert on the outskirts of town. I tell Rhiannon to start the camera as I unsheath my sword. Then we fight a glorious fight. And ye it will be good.

We break all sorts of boxes and shit and kicks to the groin will be caught on film and sent into America's Funniest Home Videos. And my dismemberments will be spread across the internet on sites like Rotten.com. And somehow we'll make sure the warehouse catches on fire while we are trapped within. I think it's because you start shooting at me. And then we go back to melee, the best kind of fighting. And we'll fight while on ladders, and on catwalks, 50 feet above the ground, while Rhiannon is getting real close to the fire trying to get us on film. And so many insults will be flung, the most creative and vulgar of them probably spewing from your sewer, while you swing at me while nearly losing your balance on the rickety catwalk, and then you'll hear me say something obscene, and that's what will befuddle you and make you lose your balance, falling 50 feet to the ground on a pile of bricks. And you'll be glad those bricks are there. Because you're dumb like that.

I'll rush down to find you lying in a pile of crap and you'll say, "Why'd you say that? It made no sense. You made me fall. I hate you."
And I'll laugh, and then the beam you fell off of will crush my spine, and then I'll fall forward, my sword slicing your skull open. and Rhiannon will make millions by selling it to people, and then people will make up some huge story about what happened and it'll become a legend, and then they'll make movies and shirts and songs and it'll be awesome. But we'll be dead so it don't matter.

But that's kind of how I want to die. All cool like that. However, should I live, I want robotic arms. With like...water guns and plasma rifles and grappling hooks that shoot out, and then I can shoot them at people and pull their kidneys out n shit.


and you'll have like..a new metal skull cuz I broke your old one, and then we can like...rule the earth and kill people and shit. ANd you can shoot lasers from your eyes and youll eat metal chains like licorice. and you'll get all teh bitches. and me too cuz my arms are all metallic. I aint gonna get no prosthetic garbage like those pussies get. All metal. With wires and complicated lookin stuff. and I'll have bluetooth capability.
» (No Subject)

I hella got overtime for sitting on my ass and playing with Photoshop.

Plus, I get a three day weekend, with a PAID Memorial Day, mutha fuckas.

I suppose this is what a job feels like.

Now I can begin planning to do shit like a normal person.
» Doodle Caboodle
More art uploaded.

Minor Setback
Not SW, but still cool

Bought two books today. I haven't bought books in....a very long time. I finally ran out of shit to read. I bought The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Phantoms by Dean Koontz. So there you go, Ben.

That damn bounty hunter book is really sucking ass. There are 5 short stories in it, and the first two sucked. Thought my motto is that once I start a book, I have to finish it. So, I'll see if any of those other authors will have been worth my time.

oooh...I go to work tomorrow. In my real job.
» Shittin' Titty Fuckers
As Eric says...I should just keel over and die now because I now have nothing more to look forward to. Went to see Star Wars:Ep 3 today...and it picked me up by my scalp, threw me against the wall, cracking my skull open, and then fucked my brains out. It was so fucking awesome. Too awesome for words. Definitely the best thing this summer is going to offer. Now the six-ilogy is officially done...and I should just die because nothing is ever going to be that epic. Ever again.

Plus, walking out of the theater...I was offered a fucking job. And I took it because i'M SUPREMELY AWESOME@!@@@!!!
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